Samsung Galaxy S5 has best smartphone display ever tested by DisplayMate

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung is known for putting amazing displays in its flagship smartphones. I’ve been a huge fan of Super AMOLED screens ever since the original Galaxy S, which featured amazing colors and a digitizer that was integrated into the glass, giving the user the feeling that he or she was touching the interface itself. And with [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 features baby monitor

Samsung Galaxy S5 White

Today’s phones come loaded with every possible feature under the sun, and some of them actually serve a purpose rather than just being a gimmick. One example of that is the baby monitor feature found in the Galaxy S5. While Samsung didn’t advertise the Galaxy S5 as a baby monitor, it turns out that deep [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 rooted before release

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to release on April 11 and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Apparently Chainfire doesn’t feel like waiting until then before starting his work on it, because he has already managed to root S5. Yes, the unreleased Galaxy S5 has already been rooted. This happens quite [...]

South Korean carriers start selling Samsung Galaxy S5 early due to April sales bans

Samsung Galaxy S5 White

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t set to launch for another two weeks, but that isn’t stopping South Korean carriers from selling the device. Allegedly, the carriers are selling the flagships against Samsung’s will before the launch even happens. This is the carrier’s way of avoiding the upcoming April ban, making some money and some customers [...]

Samsung allegedly working on new S Band fitness tracker

S Band

Samsung generally likes to release plenty of accessories for its devices. With wearables being all the rage at the moment, it stands to reason that Samsung would want to release as many as possible. While it already has a fitness tracker in the form of the Gear Fit, the price for that is expected to [...]