Samsung puts Galaxy S5 wireless charging covers up for pre-order

Galaxy S 5 Wireless Charging Cover

The Galaxy S5 may not be out yet, but that isn’t stopping Samsung from getting right to work on preparing accessories to be sold alongside it. If you’re into wireless charging, then today’s your lucky day, as Samsung just put the wireless charging covers for the Galaxy S5 up for pre-order. The wireless charging covers [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom gets leaked in new picture

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom

Samsung’s always been one for trying out new concepts and one of its interesting concepts has been that of literal cameraphones. You know, a camera that also happens to be a phone, rather than the other way around. Last year gave us the

Mysterious Samsung G906S appears in benchmarks with 1440p display


Rumors have been floating around since last year about an incredibly powerful Samsung phone similar to the Galaxy S5. The rumors appeared to have died down recently, but now they’re gaining steam again. Today some fuel has been added to the fire in the form of benchmarks from GFXBench that tease a mysterious Samsung device [...]