Android and Me podcast 014: pure speculation


So far, 2014 isn’t that different than 2013, recent changes in the mobile space could have a huge impact on what the final outcome of the year will look like. The sale of Motorola to Lenovo could dramatically change the mobile landscape, but Google’s Project Ara is aiming to change the fundamentals of how smartphone [...]

Motorola and Sprint approve 4.4.2 update for the Moto X

Moto X Moto Maker

While most devices are still waiting to get their first taste of KitKat, Motorola has been busy pushing a second Android 4.4 update out to the Moto X. The KitKat update was released to the Moto X shortly after it became available for the Nexus 7 devices, and now this latest update brings the Moto [...]

The next Moto X is coming late this summer

Motorola Moto X

The spec race has reached a point where most devices now use the same hardware. All we’ve seen recently are Snapdragon 801 processors, 1080p displays that measure around 5 inches, Sony camera sensors and so on. Samsung is trying to differentiate itself with features and HTC is doing the same with build quality, but Motorola [...]

Motorola planning to release a smartwatch sometime this year

Motorola Office

Motorola already has a history with smartwatches, but none of them ever gained any serious popularity. They were mostly made for fitness and ran full Android, which was impressive. Unfortunately, they were plagued with bugs at release. The bugs were fixed a few months later, but the damage was done and people no longer purchased [...]

Moto X sale extended, $70 off until February 22

Moto X Gallery

Motorola has offered so many Moto X discounts that the device seems to be under a perpetual sale, and with each new promotion, the drop in price gets larger. The Moto X debuted at over $550 off contract, but now many of us are getting it for as little as $300. The recent Valentine’s Day [...]

Dennis Woodside leaves Motorola for Dropbox


In the short time that Google has owned Motorola, Dennis Woodside has been the one behind the wheel. It was under his supervision that the Moto X and Moto G, two very innovative and fantastic devices, were created. In interviews, he divulged plans for even more customizable hardware and a $50 Android smartphone, pushing Motorola [...]

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