HTC updates Gallery, BlinkFeed apps through Play Store

htc-one-max-review (1)

Has the age of proprietary apps on the Play Store begun? We sure hope so, because Motorola has had a lot of success with this method of app distribution. Instead of waiting to release a full system update to a device to update a core app, Motorola started uploading core apps to the Play Store [...]

Dropbox releases Carousel app to organize and share your Dropbox photos

Dropbox Carousel

Dropbox is a great platform for preserving photos, with automatic photo uploads and a great desktop client that downloads all the photos automatically. But with the default app, finding the photo you’re looking for is very difficult. A long list with tiny thumbnails isn’t all that useful, so Dropbox has taken it upon itself to [...]

Motorola updates yet another core app, this time it’s Gallery

Moto X Gallery

Motorola has been on top of updating the core apps on its new devices. Instead of resorting to system updates, which would have to be tested by both Motorola and the carriers, the company is releasing its apps on the Play Store for anyone who owns the device to update freely and quickly. This makes [...]