Samsung Milk Music is the newest streaming service, free for Galaxy users

Samsung Milk Music

There are more and more music streaming services becoming available as time goes on. From Spotify to Google Music All Access, with new ones like Beats Music launching recently, there is a service for everyone. But Samsung has taken it upon itself to make another, and the company decided to call it Milk Music. Because [...]

Google beginning to ban ‘Flappy Bird’ clones from the Play Store

Flappy Bird

With the rise and fall of Flappy Bird, there became a huge demand for games similar to the now-deceased title. It was an incredibly simple helicopter clone, but now that it’s been yanked from the Play Store, other developers are making clones to capitalize on that ad revenue. The developer of the original Flappy Bird [...]

Flappy Bird taken down from Play Store, was fun while it lasted

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was the surprise hit of 2014, blowing up like no one could imagine. It was a simple game, and very fun too. But reactions turned negative as frustrations over its difficulty grew. This ended up with the developer getting a lot of bad press and hate over absolutely nothing.

See, Flappy Bird did [...]

Pebble appstore beta released for Android

Pebble Feature

I was a little bummed when I learned this weekend that iOS would be getting the Pebble appstore first. I was mostly bumming because we were getting one of those “coming soon to Android” stories that we hear all the time which usually means it’s really not that close. However, Pebble did us Android users [...]

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