Samsung claims next Galaxy Note will have new form factor

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note line is my favorite line of smartphones, with top-of-the-line hardware and a huge display. Not only did Samsung manage to start an entirely new subset of smartphones, the company also innovated with the active stylus and managed to keep the device reasonably compact. I enjoy using the Note 3 every day. [...]

Google to send trial dummy frames to potential Google Glass buyers


Throwing down $1500 for Google Glass is hard, especially when there are a few color options and you don’t know which to choose. It’s not like you can just try on all the different styles and then choose one. You’ll be lucky to know anyone with Google Glass at all. But Google is attempting to [...]

Google explains technology behind Lens Blur in new Google Camera

Google Lens Blur

With the surprising release of Google Camera yesterday, we got a bunch of new features previously not seen on most Android devices. Photo Sphere became available to many, instead of being tied only to Nexus devices. But most surprising of all was the new Lens Blur feature, which had not been seen before. It allowed [...]

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